Saturday, August 30, 2008

R.I.P. Walter Kowalski
October 13, 1926 - August 30, 2008

Walter passed away in Boston at 12:45 a.m. on Saturday, the 30th of August, 2008.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walter Kowalski still fighting.

The lines of communication between Walter Kowalski's bedside in Boston and the rest of his family have been re-instated.
Due to a simple and completely unforeseen technical problem, communications between Theresa Kowalski and the rest of the family were severed for the better part of last week.
The result of which was a devastating and emotionally draining series of misunderstandings and a general lack of information.
Happily, all has been rectified.

As reported earlier, it was decided that all life support would be suspended on Monday, the 18th of August.
The current situation doesn't accurately represent that report.
In fact, Walter's breathing is being assisted with the supply of oxygen and he still has a functioning pacemaker which regulates his heartbeat.
Apart from this, he is receiving no other life support services, including food and water.
He is being given regular doses of morphine in order to ensure a pain free death.

His wife, Theresa, makes certain to spend every possible hour by his side and has organised her rest periods to be taken when there are fans or other wrestlers present.
As a result, Walter always has somebody with him.

The robustness of Walter's body and the quality of medical attention will determine how long he will remain alive.
Any change in circumstances will be reported as soon as humanly possible.

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Thank you

Mark Spulnik

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On Friday the 8th of August, 2008, Walter "Killer" Kowalski suffered a massive heart attack.
Six days later the neurologist attending his case proclaimed him brain dead.
After consultation with his wife, Theresa, and family, it was decide that Walter Kowalski would be removed from life support systems on Monday the 18th of August, 2008.

Walter Kowalski is survived by his wife Theresa, brother Stanley, nephews Jan, Anthony and Mark and niece Laura.

Those wishing to leave messages of condolence or memories of Walter Kowalski are invited to do so below.

Thank you,

Mark Spulnik
August 2008.

Update August 20th;
Some commentors have taken offence that I have put up this page.
In defiance of the clinical realities of my uncle's condition, they berate me for not waiting for a miracle and accuse me of trying to "cash in".
Vulgar and abusive comments have been deleted.
All others will remain because they have a right to express their views.

Having said that, I would like to draw attention to the fact that I put up the post on Sunday the 17th. The third sentence of the post speaks of what would be happening on Monday the 18th. Any fair reader will see that I was talking about what we could expect after the weekend.

I was hoping to offer more definitive news of my uncle by now, but the fact that the lines of communication have gone quiet at one end, compounded by massive time zone differences, means that I'm pretty much in the dark. Only when I get confirmation of the inevitable, will I put up an R.I.P with the appropriate dates.

This page was put up as a focal point for fans from disparate and varied forums to come together and share their thoughts and feelings.
Anybody can post here without having to register, become a member or be bombarded with advertisements.
It's done for the fans. I gain nothing from it.

Thank you.